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Navigating Mental Health Issues on Campus [eBook]

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John Kennedy is a writer at Cengage who wants to help make teaching and learning easier for everyone. When he isn’t writing, he’s likely strumming a guitar, revving up a motorcycle or taking in a nice view.


“College is the best time in a young person’s life.” We’ve all heard this adage, but we know it’s truer for some students than it is for others.

Mental health is a rapidly growing crisis on college campuses across the country. With rates of depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders rising dramatically in college student populations over the last few years, many instructors feel they have a responsibility to help. But how should faculty approach such a complex and sensitive issue? What role can instructors and the institutions they work for play in improving college students’ mental health?

In this eBook, we’re taking a deep dive into the college mental health crisis. We’ll cover:

  • A snapshot of mental health in higher education
  • Impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on college students’ mental health
  • Unique mental health challenges for students of color
  • Potential factors that are contributing to the crisis
  • What institutions are doing to curb the crisis
  • Tips on what instructors can do to help
  • Perspectives from fellow instructors
  • Links and resources to share

Download your free copy now to learn all about one of higher education’s most pressing issues and what you can do to be part of the solution.