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How to Combat Instructor Burnout [eBook]

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With the ever-changing needs of classrooms adding on to an already intense workload, the risk of burnout is real. It can affect students as well as instructors. Virtual courses have blurred the boundaries of traditional classroom walls. There’s a pressure to always be connected and available.

Burnout in education has intensified during the pandemic. According to a study conducted by The Chronicle of Higher Education in 2020 with support from Fidelity Investments, 50% of instructors said their enjoyment of teaching has decreased since the start of 2020. Additionally, 35% said they’ve given serious thought to leaving their teaching careers.

Instructor burnout affects everyone: friends, family, peers and, of course, students. To help combat this growing issue, we’ve created an eBook filled with tips on identifying and preventing burnout.

In the eBook you’ll learn about the different forms that burnout can take, including:

  • Overload
  • Neglect
  • Compassion fatigue aka “helper syndrome”
  • Zoom fatigue

You’ll also find plenty of self-care tips for you and your students along with advice on how to incorporate self-care into your course.


Start reading our eBook about burnout to learn how to spot the warning signs and steps you can take to counteract it.